Record of Performance

At the end of each field event athletes will receive a ticket showing their performance in that event. For track events, athletes will have performance automatically recorded. In the event of a timing system failure, manual timing tickets will be provided and athletes will need to take their ticket to their Age Manager who will record the time on the Track Event Recording Sheet. The athlete retains the ticket for their own records. Athletes do not need to take their tickets for field events to the recording table as the results are recorded on the Field Event Recording Sheet.

The tickets can be pasted into the Achievement Book that was provided at registration. The Achievement Book allows the athlete to monitor their performances.

Improvement Points

Athletes will receive an improvement point each time they improve on their previous best performance in an event. Improvement points for all athletes are based on the best performance in the current season in all events. Improvement Points are calculated automatically in the ResultsHQ software and are available online.

Only performance at the normal Queanbeyan Centre competition will count for improvement points.

For every 5 improvement points a patch is awarded:

5 points: Red Patch
10 Points: White Patch
15 Points: Green Patch
20 Points: Blue Patch
25 Points: Gold Patch
30+ Points: Medal which is announced and presented on QLAC Presentation Day.

The Chief Recorder and another committee member are able to review and amend an athlete’s recorded performances where obvious discrepancies are apparent. If an athlete feels that an error has occurred in the recording of a particular event they should bring this to the attention of the Chief Recorder; however, experience has shown that the state of the track can make a large difference in the times an athlete can run a particular distance and hence large variations are not uncommon throughout the season.

Example of improvement points calculation

Week 1 100m 17.2s
Discus 6.4m
Week 2 100m 17.7s
Discus 6.3m
Week 3 100m 17.2s
Discus 5.2m
Week 4 100m 17.1s
Discus 6.5m

Improvement points are awarded for Week 4 because the time for the 100m is an improvement on the previous best time of 17.2s (Week 1) and for discus the distance is an improvement on the previous best distance of 6.4m (Week 1). No improvement point is given for 100m in Week 3 as this equaled the previous best, but did not improve on it.