QLAC Volunteers U13 – U17 work with U6 – U8

In News by Neil Roach

This year at QLAC we are trying something different and we need your help to keep building our club.

Our U6 – U8 athletes will be commencing their Saturday programs at 08:30am and we are looking for volunteers to help train them.

How it works: interested athletes in U13 – U17, registered with the club for the 2015 – 2016 season, are rostered 08:30am – 09:30am for Saturdays (a minimum of 4 athletes are required each week)  to assist the junior athletes as they do their weekly events both on the track and in the field.

Term Four Roster

October 17 Harry    Seb    Andrea    Hannah
October 24 Zac    Matilda    Oscar    Maddy   Harry
October 31 Hannah    Claire    Matt    Ben   Zac   Oscar
November 7 Harry    Seb    Maddy    Oscar   Zac   Andrea
November 14 Hannah    Matilda    Andrea    Matt   Harry   Claire
November 28 Maddy    Oscar    Ben    Matilda    Andrea   Hannah
December 5 Seb    Claire    Ben    Harry    Matt   Maddy
December 12 Zac    Andrea    Matilda    Hannah   Seb   Matt
December 19 Claire    Andrea    Matt    Zac   Hannah   Oscar

Volunteers are rostered on according to availability and the numbers available and they are paid $10 each time they assist.

To register your interest, or if you have any questions, simply email Paula at teamrobb@gmail.com. Volunteers must have attended a training session at the start of the season.

Note:  Any athlete from U11 – U12 who would also like to register their interest is free to do so.  These junior members may be called upon, at the discretion of the QLAC committee, should older athletes be unavailable

This is a new idea for 2015 – to build our club together.