QLAC Awards

Age Group Champions

Age group champions will be determined by performances at QLAC competitions in each event, each week over the full season.

Results from each event will be collated to determine event placings. First place getter will receive 4 points, second will receive 3 points and third will receive 2 points. All other athletes that competed in that event will receive 1 point. All points are totalled for all events for the whole season to determine an age champion.

Athletes need to have competed in a minimum of 50% of all events available to be eligible.

The U16 and U17 age groups will be treated as an U17 age group for all age group awards. Separate records will be maintained for both Under 16 and Under 17 age groups.

Where there are only a few athletes in an event, reduced points may be awarded.

Achievement award

The Achievement award goes to the boy and girl in each age group who has achieved the most improvement points for the season provided they have at least 10 improvement points or have competed in at least 50% of the total number of events conducted by QLAC for the age group during the season.

Participation award

The Participation Award goes to the athlete who competed in the most events on QLAC competition days provided they competed in at least 50% of the total number of events conducted by QLAC for the age group during the season.

Calculation for the Award will be based on official records so it is important that athletes have all performances recorded

Sportsmanship award (all age groups)

This award goes to an athlete who displays good sportsmanship at all times.

Encouragement award (U6 – 12 age groups)

This award is for the encouragement of one boy and one girl in the U6–12 age groups who competes in most events, always tries their best but is not often a winner.

Googong Club Award (U13 – 17 age groups)

This Award is given to the athlete in the U13–17 age groups who has contributed most to the club both on and off the field. Factors to be considered include participation at Queanbeyan competition and ACTLAA carnivals, particularly the Relay Carnival; being helpful and co-operative at events; providing general assistance and displaying a commitment to Little Athletics.

Endeavour award (U13 – 17 age groups)

This award goes to an athlete in the U13–17 age groups who is seen to be consistently trying their best and displaying co-operation in the spirit of Little Athletics.

Precedence of age group awards

An individual athlete can only win one of the age group awards. If an athlete qualifies for more than one of these awards, precedence will be given to Age Group Champion, followed by the Achievement award. In such cases, the next eligible athlete for the second award will receive the trophy. There may be joint winners for some awards.