Tiny Tots 2022/23

In News by Tamara Robinson

Tiny Tots 2022/23 is for children born in 2018 and 2019. Our 6-week program uses skills-based games to teach the fundamentals of running, jumping and throwing with a focus on participation and fun. The children will also participate (but not compete) in ‘Athletics’ events such as long jump or a 50m run on the track.

WHEN: Saturday mornings, from 29 October, arriving at 8.45am (start activities at 9.00am) to approx. 10.00am (concluding 3 December unless otherwise notified)
WHERE: Wright Park, Old Sydney Road, Queanbeyan
FEES: $65.00 per child
TO REGISTER: Click on the big blue “Register here” button on our home page and follow the process there.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Tiny Tots encompasses skills-based games that are focused on participation and fun. The fundamental skills of running, jumping and throwing are approached through appropriate activities for 3 to 5-year olds. Emphasis is on the development of young children rather than competition. This is incorporated in play and relatively unstructured games. Games include activities such as running and jumping over rope ladders, mini hurdles, hoops, throwing and catching bean bags. The children also get to participate (but not compete) in actual events such as long jump and track events. This is an opportunity for them (and their carer’s) to learn the process of the track events, such as running in a lane, going through the finishing gates, etc.

Our Tiny Tots program aims to incorporate the following areas of development:
1. Enhancing perceptual skills – both visual and hearing/listening
2. Building overall strength of the large muscle groups through repetitive movements
3. Encouraging development of balance – both static and dynamic
4. Developing body and spatial awareness
5. Developing motor planning through practicing the sequence of motor skills used when learning a new skill
6. Encouraging independence
7. Encouraging the ability to follow directions

PARENT INVOLVEMENT: Is essential to a successful Tiny Tots program and parents will be a vital part of each session – this means at least one adult must be ring-side to assist their child each week. Don’t hesitate to get involved – most of the coaches and committee members had little experience before we started and we’re all here to support our kids. If you’ve got previous experience with sport yourself (maybe you were a Little Athlete), or teaching, or simply helping kids to learn, you’ll do a great job!

WEAR: Comfortable, sunsmart active wear and sneakers. They will be provided with a registration patch and a Tiny Tots patch which should be pinned or sewn onto their t-shirt and worn each Saturday. If your Tiny Tot would like to wear a uniform, like the big kids, QLAC shirts available at a cost of $22. Please note, it is not essential that the Tiny Tots wear a uniform shirt – they can wear plain white. Rember to bring a hat and sunscreen.

BREAKS: We will stop for a break during the morning, but the kids are also welcome to take a break whenever you feel they need one. Bring along a drink bottle and a snack. We do have a canteen at the field, where you can purchase sausage sandwiches, drinks, ice blocks and other snacks at very reasonable prices.

RESTRICTIONS: Tiny Tots cannot compete at ACTLAA carnivals such as Relay Carnival or ACTLA State Championships.

Tiny Tots cannot join our u6-u17 competition mornings upon completion of the Tiny Tots program, as they are not covered by insurance once the 6-week program finishes.

MORE INFORMATION: Please follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/QLAC2620/ as this is where you’ll find the latest information, including if we need to cancel due to weather conditions. And don’t forget to have a look through our website for more details about the club http://www.qlac.org.au/.