Saturday Meets run with the parents and volunteer committee taking organisational roles, running the computers, registering athletes and announcing. Age groups are run by parents on the field, making the morning fantastic for their kids and each other.

Age Manager and Assistant

Each age group needs to have an Age Manager and Assistant to run effectively. We  run an informal ‘training’ session during the Come and Try day to bring everyone up to speed with the roles and responsibilities of the position as well as update the ‘old hands’ on any changes from last season.

Main points to note for the 2022/2023 season

Results for track events go directly into Results HQ, while results for field events are recorded on the pre-printed recording sheets available in the age group folder. Age group folders can be collected in the morning from the poles, and returned to the recording tent at the end of the meet.

No age group will be able to begin a meet without someone stepping up to take responsibility for the group. This does not have to been the same person each week – share the love! All Age Managers must wear a vest to indicate that each age group has a parent in charge.

Age Managers and all parent volunteers are an integral part of Little Athletics.  Let’s work together to boost our club and help the kids bring out their best!

Age Folder Information Dated 20 October

Starting Events on Saturday mornings

Season Event Calendar