QLAC Privacy Policy

  • Any personal details provided to QLAC will only be used for official QLAC and ACTLAA purposes.
  • Completed QLAC registration forms will be kept in secure storage for 13 years, after which the forms will be shredded or burnt.
  • Completed Child Protection forms will be handled in accordance with the appropriate NSW Working With Children legislation and QLAC Working With Children procedures.
  • Emails sent to the wider membership of QLAC (eg. parents) should be sent using the ‘blind carbon copy’ (BCC) email addressing option.
  • Age group photos to only include those athletes where parents have marked registration forms to indicate that the athlete’s photos can be used.
  • Athlete photos are only to be used for the QLAC Newsletter or the QLAC Website where parents have given permission on the registration form.

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