QLAC is OnTrack

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In the early weeks of each season QLAC uses OnTrack, an athletic skills and modified event program, for the U6 age group. The OnTrack program focuses on the fundamental motor skills, all the way through to the athletic skills that will promote a confident approach and skilled participation in each athletic event.

QLAC will use the OnTrack sessions as part of the season program roster for the U6 age group until the end-of-year holiday break. Athletes will participate in the games, activities, drills and competitions that will help them to progressively develop and reinforce general athletic and individual event skills.

The OnTrack Training and Session Plans can be found below (may be viewed or downloaded as PDFs):

U6 Level-1 Hop
U6 Level-1 Horizontal Jump
U6 Level-1 Leap
U6 Level-1 Passing Objects
U6 Level-1 Projection
U6 Level-1 Receiving Objects
U6 Level-1 Running
U6 Level-1 Vertical Jump