QLAC at the Queanbeyan Gift

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Queanbeyan Gift

Unfortunately, the 2021 Queanbeyan Gift has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions

The Queanbeyan Gift is an annual event held at the Queanbeyan Town Park and attracts large crowds due to its nature, setup and the quality athletes that attend to compete. As the name suggests, the Queanbeyan Gift is based around staggered starts or more commonly known as Handicaps.  By that we mean the extremely fast athletes are closer to the start line and the athletes that are not quite as fast are further away from the start line.  In short, the idea of the handicap starts is that if everyone performs at their personal best then anyone can win the races. An example would be athlete ‘A’ runs from scratch and athlete ‘B’ runs from 11m.  That would mean that athlete ‘A’ starts at the start line and athlete ‘B’ starts from 11m in front of athlete ‘A’.

Queanbeyan Little Athletics has had an arrangement for a number of years to showcase our athletes and give them a chance to sprint in front of large crowds, which a lot of little athletes don’t get a chance to do. If your athlete would like to enter the Queanbeyan Gift, please note the following details:

– The Gift runs after our Little Athletics meet on the 7 December.
– Heats are run first and those who’ve made the finals are announced after all the heats are completed.

The information required here is for the Little Athletics side of things but there are a lot of other events available and if you are over 12yrs you can enter them all.

Events for LA’s are as follows:

U6 to U8 mini girls 70m sprint
U6 to U8 mini boys 70m sprint
U9 to U11 junior girls 120m sprint
U9 to U11 junior boys 120m sprint
U12 to U17 senior girls 120m sprint
U12 to U17 senior boys 120m sprint

Information required:

Age Group (same as LA’s one):
Personal best time (70m for U6 to U8 and 100m for U9 to U17):
Contact email:

Please email the above information to qbnlac@gmail.com. All information is required no later than COB 30/11/19. Once you have submitted your details you will be emailed when the timetable is finalised. More information about what is happening will be available soon.